Ways to hack your marble floor cleaning

Marble floors will make your home stand out. They add beauty and character to any space. Marble is elegant and sophisticated, with a range of colors, including the white Carrara marble and the black Nero …

Marble floors will make your home stand out. They add beauty and character to any space. Marble is elegant and sophisticated, with a range of colors, including the white Carrara marble and the black Nero Portoro.

Marble is considered to be a very high-maintenance material because of the need to maintain it in top condition. Marble floor cleaning can lead to many problems. Most homeowners are unaware of the limitations they have.

Do not be afraid to have marble floors! There are many ways to clean marble floors so that you can still enjoy the beauty of natural stone without having to worry about cleaning. You can find ideas to transform your marble floor from high-maintenance to low-maintenance in our list below.

  1. No hassle cleaning

Professional cleaning services are the best way to clean marble floors. They will clean them with minimum effort. As professional cleaners who are experienced in marble cleaning, you won’t have to worry about damaging marble floors.

Professional cleaning services will bring back the shine to your floors and protect marble from further damage. Many cleaning companies offer marble stain removal and marble polishing services. This will allow you to keep your marble looking its best for many years.

Luce Home is a great option for homeowners in Singapore. With their expert cleaning team, they have years of experience so you can rest assured that your home will be spotless.

  1. DIY Marble Cleaning Solution

Marble and other natural stones can’t withstand acidic cleaning products, as they are usually made of calcium carbonate or other easily dissolve minerals. Even mild acids like vinegar and lemon juice can cause marble to etch over time. This will leave white, rough patches on your marble floors.

Marble floors and countertops can get etched easily because homeowners don’t realize how acidic substances can cause corrosive effects over time. Granite countertops can be damaged by acidic kitchen solutions such as vinegar and lemon juice.

You don’t need harsh commercial cleaners that might contain corrosive chemicals. Instead, you can make your own mild, acid-free and effective cleaning solution for marble floors. Mix together one tablespoon of castile soap and one quart of warm or tepid tap water. The solution can be used on marble countertops and floors as usual.

Castile soap is free from acidic substances, which can cause damage to marble floors. It also doesn’t leave soap residue after it has dried. This solution can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner spray or to clean the floors until they shine.

  1. Marble Polish in a Pint

You probably already know the cost of having your marble etched. You can make your own marble polish using baking soda and water if your marble floors have small scratches and unnoticeable etching. Start by lightly polishing the surface with a clean cloth.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that removes the surface etching and exposes the natural marble within. The paste can be mixed with water to make a liquid whetstone, which shines on marble surfaces. This method will not work on large etch marks, deep scratches, or other irregularities on marble floors.

You can also keep a small container of store-bought, commercial marble polish on hand so that you have quick access to it whenever you need it. Baking soda is a great marble polish that doesn’t scratch the surface.

  1. Beeswax Marble Shine

To prevent moisture, oil, and dust damage, marble polishing must be followed by sealing. Sealing marble floors is essential to protect them from internal decay. A good sealant will bring back the beauty of your marble.

You can seal marble with soy wax, beeswax, or commercially prepared marble wax. Take a small amount of wax and heat it with your hands. Use a small amount of wax to rub all over marble floors. To melt the wax, use a hair dryer.

To buff the marble wax off your marble flooring, use a microfiber cloth. This will give it a glossy shine and protect it from dirt, grease, and moisture. If you use a natural marble sealer like beeswax or soy wax, you will need to apply a new coat every few days.

  1. Keep Marble Samples in Stock for Acid Testing

You may have seen the marble samples you bought at the store. These marble samples are usually used to show clients the marble color and texture. However, they can also be used for practical purposes. You can take the old marble sample out and test various cleaning solutions to determine if it cleans well.

This is a great way for you to test out new marble cleaning solutions before you try it on your real marble. This marble sample is basically a small chunk of the same material that your floors are made from, so it is accurate.

It is important to remember that marble materials are not all compatible with the same chemicals. If in doubt, it is best to have professionals clean marble floors.