The Full Time RV Lifestyle – An Alternative Lifestyle That is Increasing in Popularity

In North America there are an estimated one million full time RV’ers. Many who are not acquainted with this lifestyle will usually have a vision of an old decrepit trailer in a mosquito infested RV …

In North America there are an estimated one million full time RV’ers. Many who are not acquainted with this lifestyle will usually have a vision of an old decrepit trailer in a mosquito infested RV park near a swamp. But the truth is far from this picture. The Full Time RV Lifestyle is becoming the lifestyle of choice for many retirees and mobile workers. RV’s have also come a long way from the trailers seen in low budget movies. Now a days it is common to see beautiful coach type motor homes and large fifth wheel type trailers on our highways and parked at various tourist attractions. These are the modern day RV’s.

A look around the inside of one of these modern RV’s gives the sense of home. All the conveniences are built in. Many of the new units even come with washer dryer combination’s and even dishwashers. Except for the size these units are comparable to almost any other type of home. The major difference is the fact that the view out of the windows can be changed at will. Your home can be in the mountains one day, and on the seashore the next. You can be parked beside that beautiful fly fishing lake in Canada, or on the beach in a small Mexican town. I have done both.

A luxurious RV can usually be purchased for much less than the price of a home. Once the RV is purchased, long term Spots in high class RV parks can usually be found for less than $500 per month. This price usually includes things such as power, internet, water, sewer, and park amenities such as swimming pools, meeting rooms, saunas, jacuzzi s and laundry rooms.

It does not take very long for a person to realize that the RV lifestyle affords very luxurious living at a very economical price. In many cases much less than most peoples current lifestyle. A case in point is a co worker who pays more just for the property taxes on his home and small property, than I pay for my long term RV pad. I have access to a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and also included are free internet, water, sewer and mail service while he has to pay extra for each one of these.

If my coworker gets tired of where he is living he has to attempt to sell his home, then buy a new one and make a move. All at great expense. I on the other hand just have to start the engine and search for a new view that I can enjoy for a period of time.

For a retired person who has always wanted to travel, the RV lifestyle is ideal. A person can have their own home, wake up in their own bed, cook their own meals, and yet for a very reasonable amount of money can travel almost anywhere they want to in North America, and stay as long as they want.

With the advent of internet connections through cell phone and through satellite both for a very reasonable amount of money, a person can also run a business on the road. A customer is not going to know if you are working out of an office with a view, an office in your basement, or out of your RV which is parked on that Mexican beach. My wife runs a virtual assistant business out of our RV, and rarely sees her clients. The beauty of this approach is the fact that many of the expenses of the RV lifestyle can be written off, since visiting clients around North America in your RV would be a legitimate expense.

The RV will also enable a person to visit relatives and friends around North America, but not have to rely on these same relatives and friends for accommodation. A welcome will not be worn out near as quickly if you have your own home parked in the driveway, or at a nearby RV Park. For short term stays, all that is needed is usually a place to plug in for enough power to run the fridge and keep the batteries charged, and possibly a tap for water. But an RV can do without these and be totally self sufficient.

As full time RV trend increases, the real estate sales person will be replaced by the RV sales person, and as with any trend, when demand increased we will see more and more beautiful RV parks, and services for RV’ers.

My wife and I have lived the Full Time RV Lifestyle for over 10 years, we could not see ourselves back in a stick and stones type home. Many of the fantastic Full Time RV’ers that we have met seem to share the same sentiment. It is a lifestyle that is waiting to be discovered my many other people.

Will Imanse is the author of the book Full Time in an RV. He has lived in an RV for over ten years. He was regularly questioned about the RV lifestyle. After repeatedly answering the same questions over and over, he started to search for a book he could recommend to potential Full Time RV’ers.