What are the most lucrative public health jobs?

What are the most lucrative public health jobs? There is no reason to believe you cannot have a fulfilling career caring for the community while earning a respectable income. The field of public health is …

What are the most lucrative public health jobs?

There is no reason to believe you cannot have a fulfilling career caring for the community while earning a respectable income. The field of public health is a rewarding career. One, you can make a difference by addressing important public health issues that impact our communities. While you can make a good living, it is also possible to have a great career. Particularly those with a Master’s Degree in Public Health have a high earning potential. An MPH degree can lead to some of the most highly-paid public health jobs positions.


An epidemiologist’s role was vital during the COVID-19 epidemic. The job outlook is excellent. These professionals perform the vital job of identifying patterns in diseases and illnesses. The goal of epidemiologists is to decrease the number of diseases and other threats to public safety within communities. They direct and develop programs to address public health concerns and communicate their findings to policymakers, communities, and other stakeholders. The majority of epidemiologists work in state and local health departments, hospitals, and colleges. In the U.S., the median annual salary for epidemiologists was $74,560 in May 2020. This makes this one of today’s highest-paid public health jobs. An epidemiologist in Connecticut can earn upwards of $89,000 annually.


The biostatisticians play an important role in the community’s public health team. They provide vital data for making critical public health decisions. These professionals are not only skilled in the design of experiments, but they also collect and analyze data that can be used to plan and implement specific public health programs. Biostatisticians are experts in statistics and mathematics, and can conduct vital public health research for local populations and worldwide. These professionals are often employed by the government, pharmaceutical companies, or private research organizations. The majority of public programs for public health are founded on research done by biostatisticians. This makes it one of the most lucrative public health professions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for someone with this skill is $93,290 annually. Statisticians can make more than $98,000 annually in Connecticut.


Sanitarians (also known as safety and health experts) work at the frontlines collecting and analyzing the environment in which we live and work. To assess if the environment is safe for people or needs improvement, they conduct safety surveys and use safety standards. They inspect diverse environments to ensure they are in compliance with all safety and health regulations. They might conduct tests and experiments to assess the environmental levels of pollutants and toxic substances and determine whether they pose a risk to the public. This highly paid job requires extensive travel and fieldwork. These professionals can work both in public and private sectors. According to the U.S., the median annual salary for a sanitarian is $76,340 annually. Connecticut, however has an average salary of $86,590.

Directors of Public Health:

Public health director is among the most lucrative public health positions. This is because it is one of many wonderful careers that one can pursue after obtaining an MPH degree. Public health directors have the responsibility of overseeing and managing whole programs, departments, and organizations in relation to public health. The role requires technical knowledge in the field as well as exceptional leadership skills and communication skills. Public health directors oversee the coordination of the many programs designed to improve the quality of life in a community. They make sure all federal and state laws are adhered to. Public health directors have a bright future and the prospects of earning more are good. As of May 2020, the average annual salary of public health directors in America was $104,000. This number can rise dramatically depending on your work environment. People who work in the government sector are the most likely to earn the greatest income. You can expect to earn more than $130,500 each year in Connecticut.

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